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With the rapid rise of high-tech industries, human society has entered a new era of interconnection of all things. As the core component of sensing and transmitting information, sensors have also become the hot focus of the moment. In order to promote the innovative practice of sensor technology in the application field and trade exchanges between industries, the 2022 Shenzhen International Sensor Technology and Application Exhibition(Abbreviation:SENSOR EXPO 2022)will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 22 to 24, 2022. The exhibition focuses on displaying various sensor products, raw materials and components, design and manufacturing equipment, sensor system integration modules, intelligent instruments, terminal applications, etc. Senex will also participate in this exhibition,so we hope our customers could come to visit and communicate. 


SENSOR EXPO 2022 was chosen to be held in the world’s largest convention and exhibition center – Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Good hardware facilities and services will provide a better guarantee for the quality of the exhibition. As the world’s largest convention and exhibition center, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center has an advantageous geographical location, advanced hardware facilities, 5G coverage throughout the venue, convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities, and five transportation advantages of sea, land and air rail. The subway leading to the exhibition center will be officially opened for operation in the near future, which brings great convenience to the exhibitors and visitors. The pavilion will hold a number of downstream exhibitions such as automobiles, new energy, and smart travel. This exhibition shares the vigorous business opportunities brought by the over 400,000 square meters of large exhibitions.

Post time: Jun-21-2022