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  • ST Series Temperature Transmitter

    ST Series Temperature Transmitter

    ST series transmitter is specially designed for temperature measurement.The transmitter converts the measured temperature into an electrical signal. The electrical signal enters the A/D converter through the isolated module of the transmitter. After multi-level compensation and calibration of the data by the microprocessor, the corresponding analog or digital signal is output and displayed on the LCD module. The FSK modulation signal of the HART protocol is superimposed on the 4-20mA current loop through the modulation and demodulation module.

  • ST Series Sheathed Thermocouple

    ST Series Sheathed Thermocouple

    ST series sheathed thermocouple is especially suitable for installation in temperature measurement occasions where the pipeline is narrow, curved and requires rapid response and miniaturization.It has the advantages of slender body, fast thermal response, vibration resistance, long service life and easy bending. Sheathed thermocouple is usually used in conjunction with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic computers and etc. It can directly measure liquid, steam, gas medium and solid surface with temperature in the range of -200℃~1500℃ in various production processes.It is widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries.

  • ST Series Ex Temperature Transmitter

    ST Series Ex Temperature Transmitter

    ST series Ex transmitter is specially designed to prevent explosion when measuring temperature.It uses the principle of gap explosion-proof to design components such as junction boxes with sufficient strength, and seal all parts that generate sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures in the junction box. When an explosion occurs in the box, it can be extinguished and cooled through the gap of the joint surface, so that the flame and temperature after the explosion cannot be transmitted to the outside of the box, so as to achieve explosion-proof.