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With the industrialization development of information technology, intelligent environment perception technology has been widely used as a key technology in many fields, and it is also facing the structural adjustment of industrial layout and basic technology innovation. The application of intelligent environment perception technology is not only to perceive the external environment information quickly, efficiently and accurately, but also to analyze, screen and evaluate the collected effective environment information, which puts forward higher expectations and requirements for enterprises in the perception industry.


China Sensor and IoT Alliance Industrial Sensor Committee (Special Committee) is an expert committee focusing on the field of industrial-grade sensors. Since it established in 2017, the Special Committee has absorbed a wide range of more than 200 representative companies. By building a good information exchange platform and combining the guidance of the government , the special committee gives full play to the important role of the special committee in the development of the industry.

South China is the forefront of China’s reform&innovation, and it is the core area for the development of the smart environment industry. The special committee will be based in Shenzhen, focusing on technological innovation and intelligent applications in the field of gas, infrared spectroscopy, flow sensors and etc. At the same time, it seeks the development of the intelligent environment perception industry with industry players, explores the sensor perception and IoT industry ecosystem, and jointly creates new opportunities for market development.

Post time: Aug-18-2022