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First of all, we must make it clear that the sensor network is the most basic and bottom-level part of the Internet of Things, and it is the basis for the realization of all the upper-layer applications of the Internet of Things. The application of sensor networks will be the biggest difference between the Internet of Things and the Internet, which will directly cause many of our Internet thinking to become unsuitable in the Internet of Things era. The Internet is a network based on people, and our information is collected and analyzed by people in a sense.Sensors are like human eyes, ears, mouth and nose, but they are not just as simple as human senses. They can even collect more useful information. In this case, it can be said that these sensors are the basis of the entire Internet of Things system. It is because of the sensors that the Internet of Things system can transmit content to the "brain".

As a sensor brand that participates in and formulates the national standard of "Internet of Things Pressure Transmitter Specification" which leads the industry standard, Senex continues to use imported advanced production and testing equipment, adopts international leading production technology and technology, and insists on leading development with R&D investment. 


The IoT platform independently developed by Senex has the ability to access tens of millions of devices at the same time. Based on the advantages of the comprehensive layout of sensors at the perception layer, we provide customers with multi-scenario smart IoT application solutions. It has been successfully used in many fields such as smart gas, smart water, smart fire, and smart fire.

After successfully winning the "2021 China's Most Influential IoT Sensing Enterprise Award", Senex recently obtained the first explosion-proof certificate for IOT products in China, which is also the only Chinese company to obtain this certificate. Performance and high reliability have been unanimously recognized in the industry.

Post time: Jul-20-2022