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At present, with the development of new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital twins, the development of intelligent manufacturing in my country presents the following three new trends.


1. The humanization of intelligent manufacturing. Human-oriented intelligent manufacturing is a new concept for the development of intelligent manufacturing. The development of intelligent manufacturing begins to focus on social constraints. The design of intelligent manufacturing systems is incorporating human factors, human interests and needs.Those are increasingly becoming the core of the production process. For example, the introduction of human-machine cooperation design and human-machine cooperation equipment frees people from mechanized production, people and machines, so that they can play their respective advantages, cooperate to complete various tasks, and promote the transformation of industrial models.

2. Multi-domain integrated development of intelligent manufacturing. In the early days, intelligent manufacturing mainly focused on the perception and integration of physical systems.Then, it began to deeply integrate with information systems, and further integrated with social systems. In the process of multi-domain integrated development, intelligent manufacturing continuously integrates more manufacturing resources, such as information and social resources. It has spawned new data-driven manufacturing models such as predictive manufacturing and active manufacturing. This makes the manufacturing mode change from simplification to diversification, and the manufacturing system from digitization to intelligence.

3. The organizational form of the enterprise has undergone major changes. With the increasing complexity of intelligent manufacturing technology, the traditional industrial chain model is being broken, and the end customers tend to choose complete solutions. Correspondingly, the production organization and management methods of manufacturing enterprises are also undergoing major changes. Customer-centric and data-driven are more common. The organizational structure of enterprises is changing to a flat and platform-based direction.

Post time: Sep-15-2022