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NT Series Pressure Sensor Core

NT series pressure sensor core adopts leading technology which uses two pieces of MEMS silicon wafers for challenging measuring requirements and general industrial applications in the mid and high pressure ranges. Its manufacturing process is to bond the PCB board on the diaphragm surface of the sensor after the integrated pressure diaphragm is packaged. Subsequently, the bonding process is used to connect the two pieces of MEMS silicon wafers to the PCB board, so that it can output the signal.

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With the best-in-class accuracy, NT series pressure sensor core features the wide range of ports, connectors, and analog electrical outputs for ease of integration in various industrial applications.


1. Using 17-4PH stainless steel material and two pieces of MEMS silicon wafers.
2. Stable performance, high tolerance, service life ≥ 10 million times.
3. Stainless steel integrated structure, no welding seam, no silicon oil filling, no leakage hidden danger.
4. Safe structure, automated process, easy mass production, high sensitivity output, low power consumption.
5. It can meet customized requirements, such as front-end pressure port, rear-end thread, sealing method...

Technical parameter indicators

Requirements Spec Units Remarks
Offset error 0±2 Mv(DC5V)  
Span error 16±4 mV/V  
Linearity 0.25 %Span(BFSL)  
Pressure Hysteresis ±0.1 %Span  
Pressure Repeatability ±0.1 %Span  
TCO 0.03 %FS/℃  
TCS 0.05 %FS/℃  
Long Term Stability 0.25 %Span(25℃)  
Insulation Resistance 100  
Over Pressure 2 Rated  
Burst Pressure 5 Rated  
Life 10 Million 10-90% FS
Operation Temperature -40~125  
Storage Temperature -40~125  
Mechanical Vibration 50 g 10Hz~2kHz
Mechanical Shock 100 g  
Wetted material 17-4PH Stainless Steel  

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