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ST Series Sheathed Thermocouple

ST series sheathed thermocouple is especially suitable for installation in temperature measurement occasions where the pipeline is narrow, curved and requires rapid response and miniaturization.It has the advantages of slender body, fast thermal response, vibration resistance, long service life and easy bending. Sheathed thermocouple is usually used in conjunction with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic computers and etc. It can directly measure liquid, steam, gas medium and solid surface with temperature in the range of -200℃~1500℃ in various production processes.It is widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries.

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Sheathed thermocouple is widely used in aviation, atomic energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, electric power and other industrial sectors in technological fields.


1. Large temperature measurement range.
2. Short thermal response time, fast response speed and small outer diameter.
3. Rapid response to temperature changes, reducing dynamic errors.
4. Easy installation, long service life, good air tightness and good mechanical strength.
5. Can be used under vibration, low temperature and high temperature conditions.
6. Bendable installation and use.

Technical parameter indicators

1. Accuracy


Tolerance Grade

Tolerance Value

Measuring Range ℃


Measuring Range ℃










Note: "t" is the actual temperature which can be expressed in degrees of temperature, or expressed as a percentage of the actual temperature and we should take the larger value.
2. Protection Grade: IP68.
3. Explosion-proof Grade: ExdIICT6.
4. Diameter: 0.5-12.7 (can be customized) and can be equipped with thermowell.
5. Optional temperature conversion module.

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