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ST Series Ex Temperature Transmitter

ST series Ex transmitter is specially designed to prevent explosion when measuring temperature.It uses the principle of gap explosion-proof to design components such as junction boxes with sufficient strength, and seal all parts that generate sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures in the junction box. When an explosion occurs in the box, it can be extinguished and cooled through the gap of the joint surface, so that the flame and temperature after the explosion cannot be transmitted to the outside of the box, so as to achieve explosion-proof.

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ST series Ex temperature transmitter has been widely used for the temperature measurement of liquid, vapor, gaseous media and solid surface in the presence of explosives in various production sites.


1. A variety of Ex forms, with good Ex performance.
2. Compression spring type temperature sensing element, with good shock resistance.
3. Large measuring range, high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance.

Technical parameter indicators

1. Input Signal: The input signal of the intelligent temperature transmitter can be set arbitrarily through PC or handheld.
2. Output Signal: The intelligent temperature transmitter outputs 4 ~ 20mA DC signal and superimposes the communication signal in accordance with the HART standard protocol.
3. Basic Error: 0.5%FS, 0.2%FS, 0.1%FS.
4. Wiring Method: two-wire system.
5. Display Mode: LCD digital display can be set by PC or hand-held to display any parameter in field temperature, sensor value, output current and any of the parameters in percentage.
6. Working Voltage: 11V-30V.
7. Allowable Load Resistance: 500Q (24V DC power supply); limit load resistance R (max) = 50 (Vin-12). For example, when the rated working voltage is 24V, the load resistance can be selected in the range of 0-600Q.
8. Working Environment:
a: Ambient temperature: -25~80°C (conventional type); -25~70°C (phenotype).
b: Relative humidity: 5%~95%.
c: Mechanical vibration: f < 50Hz, amplitude < 0.15mm.
d: No corrosive gas or similar environment.

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